Reservist workforce

Join the North West London Reservist Scheme and play your part in shaping health and social care in your local communities.

What is the aim of the reservist  scheme?

  • A ground breaking new scheme for the NHS in England to create a dedicated pool of workers who want to shape a new type of Reservist worker to compliment the dedicated NHS workforce.
  • Harness many years of knowledge and experience  to support targeted health campaigns such as COVID-19 vaccination, flu vaccinations, continuous care assessments and discharge to assess.
  • Care Support roles to deliver essential levels of care for our patients.
  • An exciting alternative to working on bank with work-life flexibility and limited commitment.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded health and social care professionals and maintain your professional registration (if applicable) or work in an unregistered role
  • Take part in social, training and development days within your reservist community.

What are the key roles?

The reservists opportunities and current vacancies in our area are:

What is the commitment?

  • Minimum of 20 deployed days (150 hours) per annum
  • A minimum of 5 days (37.5) hours training and development for non-clinical
  • A minimum of 8 days (37.5) hours training and development for clinical
  • Attendance at reservist community social and ‘keep in touch’ days
  • Ability to work in acute settings across the North West London region

What can I expect in return?

  • A simple joining process using existing tools and technology
  • Dedicated training & support to maintain professional competence & registration (where applicable)
  • Quality local orientation and induction
  • Access to buddying and ongoing pastoral support from our Clinical Tutors
  • Exposure to a varied working environment in acute, community and social care settings
  • The opportunity to shape ‘key roles’ at regional level to support and develop the national picture
  • Invitations to ‘keep in touch’ and social events within your reservist community
  • Regular digital communications and bulletins bringing together other regional schemes

I am interested, what happens next and current vacancies?

Our immediate priority is to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme and the surge in health and social care demand based activity for which we need the following roles. Please click on the links to find further details of the roles.

Join one of our forthcoming Webinar sessions to hear more about the scheme.

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