North West London Integrated Care System (ICS) and Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)

When the Integrated Care System (ICS) meets it is referred to as the Intergrated Care Partnership (ICP).

The ICP’s primary responsibility is to develop the North West London Integrated Care Strategy for the whole population of North West London’s eight local authority areas (boroughs). That strategy must be built from a common understanding of local assessments of needs and focused on improving health and care outcomes, reducing inequalities, and ensuring inclusion. It brings together how the local authorities, the ICB and NHS will discharge their functions to meet those assessed needs. Once the strategy is agreed, it is a legal duty for those statutory bodies to have due regard to the strategy when developing their own plans and delivering their functions.

In addition to developing the strategy, the ICP has the following functions:

  1. aligning purpose and ambitions with plans to integrate care and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the population of NW London;
  2. facilitating joint action to improve health and care services and to influence the wider determinants of health and broader social and economic development; and reviewing progress against delivery of the strategy, plans and actions.

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