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NHS North West London is committed to getting local residents and patients involved with the NHS in your area, and how we are taking into account your suggestions in the development of NHS services locally.

Our engagement team are active in our community, meeting with residents, as well as local community and voluntary group representatives. They attend a range of events and meetings from summer fairs to faith group meetings. When chatting to you they like to know about what you think of NHS services locally, and how we can make improvements. They will also tell you about key healthcare developments locally and give advice about certain services available in your area. You might have recently seen the team about recently!

We also produce a regular e-newsletter called Community Update for local community groups and voluntary organisations which provides an update on live and upcoming campaigns to support community groups sharing information and opportunities with those they work with.  

Why not attend our local ad hoc events or our Residents’ Forums and tell us how the NHS is doing? Some residents are also parts of other initiatives like our Citizens’ Forum and the North West London Co-Design Advisory Body (DAB).

We have a patient representative scheme. Participants receive training, get the opportunity to meet new people, and can make a meaningful difference to our communities. Why not express your interest now!

Our community insight reports summarise what you tell us when we meet you at public events and other engagement activities. They give a good indication of how residents are feeling about services in your area and we use your insights to influence how we develop the NHS services and support that you receive.

Our strategy pages explain how our engagement and involvement seeks to meet our organisation’s objectives, particularly in our attempts to reduce inequalities in North West London. These pages will help you understand how your feedback and suggestions will help us in our planning and transformation of services over the coming years.

Information on service changes are also included this section. There are various ways you can give your views on proposed changes, which often include the opportunity to complete online surveys or attend special events (in person and remote).

Don’t hesitate look at the sections below to see how you can help us to improve the NHS in North West London!

If you would like our engagement team to attend your event or group or you’re interested in getting involved please email

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