NW London ICS Involvement Strategy

The NW London ICS Involvement Strategy (attached) sets out how we work with residents, communities and stakeholders in North West London. It builds on ideas co-designed with local people and previous public involvement work across the local NHS and local government.

We need a public involvement strategy so that:

  • We meaningfully involve as many of residents and populations, including those furthest from decision making or who have felt poorly served by public services in the past, in shaping their health and care services.
  • We have mechanisms in place to avoid ‘top down’ policy making and service development, ensuring that insights from our residents and communities inform our strategies and decisions.
  • We deepen our relationships with residents and populations, particularly those who have been poorly reached in the past and who have the most significant health challenges, to potentially support healthier behaviours, and other preventative interventions for example screening, vaccination, health checks

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