ICS Leadership

The ICS Leadership is led by Rob Hurd.  The Leadership Team members include ICB Executive Team and other key system leaders.

ICS Leadership:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Rob Hurd
  • Chief Finance Officer: Steve Bloomer
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr Charlotte Benjamin
  • Chief Nursing Officer: Jennifer Roye
  • Chief People Officer (Joint): Nina Singh
  • Chief People Officer (Joint): Kevin Croft
  • ICS Lead Local Authority Officer: Alex Dewsnap
  • ICS Nominated NHS Provider Trust Partner Member: Lesley Watts
  • ICS Nominated NHS Mental Health Partner Member: Carolyn Regan
  • Lead ICS Gold Chief Operating Officer: Rob Hodgkiss
  • Director of Strategy & Population Health: Toby Lambert
  • Lead Chief Information Officer: Kevin Jarrold
  • Lead Director of Communications & Engagement: Rory Hegarty

NW London ICS Leadership Team October 2023.jpg

Click here to download the ICS Leadership structure chart.

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