NW London health and care strategy

We have now published a first draft of our health and care strategy for North West London. The strategy is intended to set out our plans for healthcare services across our eight boroughs.

We know:

  • that in some areas and communities in NW London people have poorer health than in others.
  • that the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work and age can impact our health and wellbeing.
  • the waiting times and access for some services and specialist doctors are too long and difficult to get to.
  • some conditions, including cancers, are being diagnosed too late

We have started a plan, but need your views to get it right.  This is an early draft, shared in the spirit of transparency for comment and feedback. It takes account of the work of all our programmes, which is informed by the feedback we have received across a range of areas from the public. This strategy is expected to change before we publish a final draft later in summer. In particular, we are continuing to work with and across our local authorities, which together with feedback from local residents and health and care staff, will help shape the final draft.

Since publishing the draft strategy, we have been talking to local residents, health and care staff, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sectors to seek feedback, challenge and discussion on the strategy.  We had a survey running to hear feedback on specific aspects and also held a North West London Residents Forum (open to everyone), where local people could discuss and comment on our plans.  Whilst our survey is now closed, if you have additional comments, please email nhsnwl.communications.nwl@nhs.net

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