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Are you looking to live and work in North West London?

NW London Overseas Recruitment are a team of experienced recruiters employed by the NHS, to recruit highly skilled international healthcare professionals. Our programme serves to support NHS Trusts and our local authority care homes in addressing the gaps in their workforce through the safe and ethical recruitment of overseas staff. 

We manage all our recruitment directly without the involvement of third-party agencies and applicants do not pay agency fees. 

We support applicants throughout their entire recruitment process from the point of application to deployment to the U.K and commencement with employer. 

As one of the top 5 largest employers in the world, the NHS has extensive opportunities for healthcare professionals to grow their knowledge and experience. Our Trusts are support our staff with a variety of in-house training and courses, rotational contracts and much more! 

We offer a competitive salary with all our registered roles having a starting salary of £32,720 per annum + generous shift allowance. We offer 27 days of paid annual leave and pension benefits. 

Employers will also cover the costs of 3 year sponsorship, visa and flights to the U.K and 2 months paid accommodation upon arrival. 

For individuals who are looking to work with us as a Registered Nurse or Midwife, we have a structured and comprehensive OSCE programme which includes classroom teaching, mock exams practice and refresher sessions. The entire cost of your NMC application including your application and evaluation fees, CBT and OSCE exams will be reimbursed or covered by your host employer. 

We have vacancies across our 6 maternity units and are looking to employ: 

  • Registered Midwives 
  • Registered Nurses (Obstetrics and Gynaecology experience or experience in scrubbing in Theatres for Obstetrics and Gynaecology) 
  • Registered Sonographers 

We also have opportunities for the below professionals looking to relocate to London: 

  • Registered Nurses (all specialities) 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Paediatric Audiologists 


If you wish to express your interest in any of the opportunities we have available, please submit your CV to chelwest.overseasnwl@nhs.net . We endeavour to respond to you in the upcoming weeks with the outcome of your submission. 

Please ensure your CV discloses all the below information:

  • Personal information  
    • Name 
    • Family name 
    • Email address 
    • Nationality 
    • Country of Residence 
  • Education and qualifications obtained 
    • Place of study 
    • Year obtained 
  • Professional Registration 
  • Experience (please include your entire employment history) 
    • Job title 
    • Speciality (Department or area of health worked in e.g. Emergency or Respiratory etc.) 
    • Company name 
    • Dates of Employment 
    • Brief description of your duties and responsibilities 
  • Supporting statement 
    • Why you are applying 
    • Highlight your strengths and talents 
    • Tell us what is unique to you- what sets you apart from your peers 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. You can email us at chelwest.overseasnwl@nhs.net  

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