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The government want to make changes to improve services for women’s health and wellbeing over the next 10 years. A document has been published explaining the 10-year strategy for women’s health in England.

The strategy aims to change how women and girls receive and access health services to make sure they can get the best health care possible.

Changes the strategy highlighted:

• Making sure women’s voices are heard – tackling taboos and stigmas and increasing representation of women at all levels of the health and care system.

• Improving access to services – making sure women can access services that meet their reproductive health needs across their lives and prioritising services for conditions such as endometriosis.

• Supporting women – Making sure a woman’s age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or where she is from does not impact upon her ability to access services, or the treatment she receives.

• Better information and education – helping women and wider society equip themselves with accurate information about women’s health.

• Greater understanding of how women’s health affects their experience in the workplace –normalising taboo conversations such as periods and the menopause. This will help women to feel supported in the workplace.

• Better research – addressing the lack of research into women’s health conditions and improving representation of women from all demographics in research.

We are looking for valuable insights into women's health and well-being. To do this we have created a survey to better understand the unique challenges and experiences that women face in their healthcare journeys.

Your responses are entirely confidential, and the information provided will be used for research purposes only. Sharing your experiences will help to understand the challenges women face in their healthcare journeys and how we can improve the quality of services for them.

Click here to complete the survey.

We also encourage you to share this survey link with your communities, friends, and family.

Find out more about the 10-year strategy for women’s health here

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