NW London residents give insights on NHS care

19 December 2022

NHS North West London has published its monthly insight report for November 2022.  The insight reports are informed by the information NW London residents have provided to us as we have engaged with them during the month.

This month saw a significant focus on the ongoing public consultation on creating a North West London elective orthopaedic centre – feedback from this work will be reported at a later date as part of the consultation report.

View the November 2022 insight report.

Rory Hegarty, Director of Communications and Engagement at NHS North West London said: “We are very grateful for everyone who has taken the time to talk to us and provide their view on many aspects on health and care.  Hearing from our community is an important aspect of our work to ensure that our services meet the needs of our residents and we continue to address issues which might be impacting health inequalities. 

“This month we had some great discussions with women as part of our maternity programme; we heard from men about prostate cancer and notably the risks of ignoring the signs; we spoke to people with diabetes about support to manage their condition; and we continued to hear about frustrations people had with accessing primary care and the importance of mental health support among a wide range of other issues.  As a direct result of public feedback, NHS North West London will be running a public information campaign around general practice in the new year.”

The monthly borough insight reports set out what our communities across North West London are telling us. These reports focus on insights gathered by NHS North West London engagement teams in each borough, often working with colleagues from local authorities.

Rory added: “The feedback received is shared monthly with senior leaders and service specialists within the NHS in NW London so they can see what our local residents are telling us and can use the information to support development work and wider service improvement.”

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