Universal Care Plan

The new Urgent Care Plan (UCP) went live in July 2022, enabling clinicians across London to co-create and share urgent and advance (End of Life) care plans across clinical and organisational boundaries, integrating with electronic record systems that are already used by clinicians (e.g. S1 and EMIS), and the London Care Record (the digital record of care accessible across all London health and care settings).

Following the launch, Dr Lyndsey Williams, NW London GP and Clinical Lead for End of Life and Care Homes and Michelle Scaife, Programme Delivery Manager, Last Phase of Life, NW London Local Care Team joined Nick Evans, Internal Communications Manager, NHS NW London to discuss the UCP and what it means for patients and health professionals. The interview and full transcript can be accessed here.

Details of how EMIS users can access and use the UCP are included in the recording of a webinar for GPs (dated October 2022) here.

From January 2023 the Urgent Care Plan’s name changed to the London Universal Care Plan (still abbreviated as UCP). This change was made to reflect the fact that the UCP’s technology is being used to support health pathways beyond urgent and End of Life care.

Meetings are taking place with clinical groups across London to explore how the UCP technology can be used to create care plans for people with asthma, dementia, frailty, children and young people, learning disabilities and other conditions.

Whilst the urgent care plan sections of the new Universal Care Plan will remain unchanged, the overall structure of London’s digital personalised care plan will evolve. This will include new care plan sections, created to support specific personalised need.

Valida Improvements

Significant progress has been made in addressing the performance of the Valida desktop client, which is used by EMIS and TPP SystmOne users. Of the 12 identified issues, 11 are now resolved with one remaining issue affecting Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, however a fix has been identified and is being tested.

In the latest release, a fix was implemented which has removed the EMIS Device Activation step, which will ensure users are not locked out. IT Leads are receiving support to implement the fix locally.

A reduction in calls to the UCP Helpdesk and an increase in creation of care plans via Valida has shown improved stability with the service, however users are encouraged to continue logging issues with the UCP Helpdesk on 020 3880 0285.

Training and support

  • For general queries regarding UCP support or information please use the UCP Contact Form
  • Training videos and guides for the UCP are available here.
  • Stakeholders are invited to watch recordings of roadshows and view slide decks here

Universal Care Plan (UCP) - town hall event

A town hall event will take place for the Universal Care Plan (UCP) on Thursday 27th July, from 9am-12pm at 110 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1JP.

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and feedback on the progress made on the UCP so far, hear about real life case studies and explore with colleagues how to bridge proactive and urgent care pathways with collaborative personalised care planning.

The event is relevant for those involved mainly in proactive care, clinical leads and networks and you can register here.


Training Webinars

The UCP programme team provide regular training webinars - please see here for more details.


Ealing GP Forum: Getting started with the UCP, 8th November 2022

Following on from the GP Forum in September, we provided a one hour webinar for Ealing GPs and staff covering:

  • Accessing UCP via SystmOne and Valida, viewing migrated plans from CMC and amending UCP
  • Basics of recording advance care planning conversations on to UCP
  • Support and demonstration from the UCP team
  • Overview of advance care planning conversations in the community 


North West London briefing and Q&A on the Urgent Care Plan, 19 July 2022

This event was an opportunity for health and care professionals across NW London (NWL) to: 

• receive information about the transition from Coordinate My Care (CMC) to the London Urgent Care Plan (UCP).

• understand how to access UCP to view or create a UCP care plan for your organisation / sector. 

• see what the UCP template will look like and how to navigate it.

There was also a question-and-answer session with clinical and professional leads to explore specific questions or concerns that attendees had.



Harrow GP Forum webinar, 21 June 2022



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