Dashboard User Guides, Video's & Support Material

User Guides and Dashboard Demonstration Video's

An Introduction to WSIC - Video

Asthma LADS (The London Asthma Decision Support) Tool User Guide

Asthma LADS Population Health Tool Metric Descriptions and Specifications

Asthma LADS Population Health Tool - Code List

Asthma Radar User Guide

Asthma Radar Demonstration Video

Care Professional User Guide

CMC (Co-ordinate My Care) User Guide

COPD Radar User Guide

COPD - GP Read Codes and Drug Codes 

COVID-19 User Guides

CYP Risk Segmentation Radar User Guide 

CYP Risk Segmentation Demonstration Video

Dementia Radar User guide

Dementia Radar Code List

Dementia Demonstration Video

Diabetes Benchmarking Dashboard User Guide

Diabetes Benchmarking Code List

Diabetes Benchmarking Dashboard Video Demonstration

Diabetes Population Health User Guide

Diabetes Population Health Demonstration Video Part 1

Diabetes Population Health Demonstration Video Part 2

Diabetes Radar 2022 User Guide

Diabetes Radar Code list

Diabetes Radar 2022 Demonstration Video

Diabetes REWIND User Guide

De-identified Data User Guide

Frailty Radar User Guide

Flu Vaccination Dashboard User Guide

Flu Vaccination Code List

Flu Vaccination Demonstration Video

Foot Care Dashboard User Guide​

Foot Care Dashboard Video Demonstration Part 1

Foot Care Dashboard Video Demonstration Part 2

Heart Failure Dashboard and Radar User Guide

HIU User Guide

HIU Demonstration Video

Hypertension Dashboard User Guide

Hypertension Dashboard Codes List

Integrated Patient Summary Demonstration Video

LD User Guide

LD Co-Morbidity List of Codes

List Maker Demonstration Video

Mental Health Dashboard and Radar User Guide

Patient Watch List Demonstration Video

Patient Radar Demonstration Video

PC SOM Dashboard User Guide

Population Health User Guide

Risk Segmentation User Guide

Risk Segmentation Radar Video Demonstration

Stroke Prevention AF User Guide

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

QRG - How to identify patients in 18-79 age band group who don’t have controlled BP

QRG - How to identify patients in ‘80+’ age category who don’t have controlled BP

Uses Cases

Asthma Radar Use Cases

Asthma Use Case

Child Health Use Cases

Family Healthcare

Psychological Stress


Patient Selection and Radar Use Cases

Watch List and Patient Radar


Virtual MDT

Process flow

Crib Sheets - more crib sheets can be made available on request


How to Get Help or Provide Feedback
1. If you are having problems logging on, please email the NWL Service Desk via nhsnwl.servicedesk@nhs.net call 020 3350 4050.

2. For feedback on the Dashboards please email the WSIC Team via nhsnwl.wsicsupport@nhs.net

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