We are general practice resources

On this page you will find all our available communications resources to support the We are general practice campaign.

Please download, use and share information as appropriate. 

If there are other resources you would find helpful - please contact:  nhsnwl.communications.nwl@nhs.net

Suggested general practice newsletter and website story (please note this story gives you the opportunity to add details of all the medical experts providing care in the GP practice

We are general practice film with subtitles and no sound

Click here to view and download the film

Suggested GP text message for patients

In our practice you may see a GP, nurse, pharmacist or another medical expert depending on your need. Find out more at www.nwlondonicb.nhs.uk/wearegeneralpractice 

Suggested partner newsletter and website story


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Posters - 4 posters available to download

We are GP posters.png


We are GP twitter post 1.pngWe are GP twitter post 2.pngWe are GP twitter post 3.png


We are GP instagram square 1.pngWe are GP instagram square 2.pngWe are GP instagram square 3.png

Instagram FB clip

Instagram FB additional services.mp4
Instagram FB right person.mp4
Instagram FB whole team.mp4

Film with no sound for use in general practice TV screens

The link for this will be added shortly

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