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The NW London ICS Green Plan 2022-2025

In April 2022, NW London ICS published its first Green Plan to drive the decarbonisation of sites and operations and provide a commitment to NHS England’s net zero targets - to mitigate the NHS’s impact on climate change.

This three-year plan aims to help our trusts deliver on their own green plans and support all our organisations who are taking action to reduce energy use along with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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  • The climate emergency is a health emergency
  • The NHS is responsible for around four per cent of the nation's carbon emissions
  • All trusts and ICSs have been mandated to develop three-year plans to reduce their carbon emissions.

In October 2020, NHS England set targets for the NHS:

  • Emissions we control directly: net zero by 2040
  • Emissions we can influence: net zero by 2045
  • The UK government aims to reach net zero by 2050.
Our role

We are committed to achieving the NHS net zero targets and be a partner and supporter for all organisations within the ICS during their low carbon transition, bringing positive change to our patients, our communities, and our environment, now and in the future. We want to:

  • Make our estate more energy efficient and resilient
  • Decarbonise our vehicle fleet, by moving to electric vehicles
  • Implement social values in our procurement process
  • Remove carbon emissions and plastic from our supply chains
  • Move to more sustainable models of care
  • Make best use of digital tools to reduce carbon emissions and resource usage
  • Encourage patients and staff to make positive changes

We have different groups working on the plan

Estates and facilities

Across primary care and our hospital sites we are looking to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce consumption
  • Increase resilience
  • Reduce emissions

Travel & transport

By changing travel choices we can:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Improve health
  • Create a nicer environment

Procurement & supply chain

Making changes to our supply chain and the products we buy we can:

  • Reduce embedded emissions
  • Avoid single-use plastic
  • Embed social values
  • Find low carbon alternatives

Read more in the full: NW London ICS Green Plan

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