Brent Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee - 05 July 2022

Brent Integrated Care Partnership, NHS North West London and Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust attended the Brent Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee on the 05 July 2022 to provide a briefing on the North West London community-based specialist palliative care programme and answer questions from committee members.

View the committe papers and recording of the webinar

  • Committee members wanted to make sure that the learning from the previous four borough review was not lost.
  • Concerns were expressed at the continued suspension of the Pembridge Specialist Palliative Care Service in-patient beds and that residents from the south of the borough in particular would be disadvantaged during this current review. Following on from this the impact of longer journey times.
  • Committee members emphasised the need to engage with more black and ethnic communities and other disadvantaged communities and do all we can to reach as many people as possible.  This included making sure we made all efforts to publicise future events.
  • Committee members asked that tangible service improvements be made now where it made sense rather wait for the outcome of the review.
  • Committee members expressed concern how workforce issues, the trouble recruiting and retaining specialist staff would impact service provision in the future.
  • Committee members wanted to make sure that all Brent residents had equal access to community-based specialist palliative care provision and that no part of the borough was missing out.
  • The committee asked for reassurance that the NW London review of community-based specialist palliative care is not a cost cutting exercise. It was confirmed this is NOT a cost cutting exercise.
  • Committee members wanted further information on how we are engaging with people with disabilities.  Please see the further submission.

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