Harrow - How are we going to deliver the new model of care for community-based specialist palliative care 30 November 2023

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended the event.  Their thoughts and feedback will be used as evidence as we move forward to develop the future model of care.

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Jane Wheeler (JW), Director of Local Care, NHS North West London (NW London) gave an introduction and presentation covering the development of the new model of care, the potential options for its delivery and the decision making process.

Key points raised by attendees

  • The importance of pre-planning.
  • The importance of choice.
  • Hospitals are very different with very different cultures and some can have a very rigid regime about what they can do - to the detriment of patients and families.
  • Hospitals and services have variation in standards of care and approach to involving patients.
  • Community-based specialist palliative care can be very pressurised for patient and carers and the approach staff take is very important.
  • Carers and families are an important part of the system and should be treated accordingly.
  • People generally welcomed the services developments including 24/7 advice line and hospice at home services expansion to boroughs where this service currently does not exist.
  • The need to tackle the public perception that everyone can have a hospice bed.
  • Carers are desperate to have respite care, so enhanced end-of-life care beds are a good idea in supporting this.
  • The proposed changes will only work if staff have the training and support to allow it to happen.
  • Concern about demographics and how we address this.
  • Questions on immigration and workforce recruitment and an expectation that ICB can do more.

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