Hillingdon - How are we going to deliver the new model of care for community-based specialist palliative care 05 December 2023

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended the event.  Your thoughts and feedback will be used as evidence as we move forward to develop the future model of care.W

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Michelle Scaife (MS), Programme Delivery Manager, Last Phase of Life, NHS NW London and Steve Curry, Chief Executive of Harlington Hospice gave an introduction and presentation covering the development of the new model of care, the potential options for its delivery, the decision making process and end-of-life care and community-based specialist palliative care services in Hillingdon.

Key points raised by attendees

  • The importance of the role and contribution of family and carers.
  • How we are helping those or targeting services at those people who do not have family members or carers to support them.
  • The role of charities or other organisations in signposting available end-of-life services for local residents and how to support/enhance this.
  • The need for hospices to allow carers to accompany patients when they are admitted and during their stay.
  • The difficulties in recruiting carers, particularly those on visas (including salary requirements, guaranteed hours).
  • The expected length of stay in enhanced end-of-life care beds.
  • The plan and timetable for introducing enhanced end-of-life care beds across NW London.
  • Funding for in-patient hospice care and specifically the difference between NHS (fully) funded hospice care at Pembridge in-patient unit and part-NHS, part-hospice funded care at sites run by charitable hospices in NW London.
  • Whether the options being proposed can be (or have been) contextualised for Hillingdon residents specifically (and by extension each of the other NW London boroughs).
  • Whether we will be working with groups with strong local links, insight and networks such as Healthwatch, Age UK, carer and community groups to reach more residents and seek their input on the proposed model of care.
  • Fair funding arrangements in primary care for the NW London boroughs, specifically the outer boroughs lack of parity with inner boroughs and how populations and GP lists are calculated.
  • How to reconfigure available resource to best effect working in partnership with local authorities and third sector (e.g. Age UK). 
  • The cost of patient, families and carers paying for private and charitable carer services to provide respite carer cover and respite options available to Hillingdon residents.

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