North West London - How are we going to deliver the new model of care for community-based specialist palliative care - evening 30 November 2023

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended the event.  Your thoughts and feedback will be used as evidence as we move forward to develop the future model of care.

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Jane Wheeler (JW), Director of Local Care, NHS North West London (NW London) and Michelle Scaife (MS), Programme Delivery Manager, Last Phase of Life, NHS NW London gave an introduction and presentation covering the development of the new model of care, the potential options for its delivery, and the decision making process.

Key points raised by attendees

  • Whether care plans for patients will/can be provided in different languages for patients/carers so they can understand and follow its implementation by health professionals.
  • Pembridge’s role as a training hub.
  • Difficulties in patients and carers knowing what services are available to them.
  • Need for better join-up and co-ordination between the various providers and teams involved in delivering care and support to patients and carers.
  • Whether a coordination service and function could be better defined and provided as part of the new model of care.
  • The difficulties faced by the workforce in the care sector and the impact of constantly changing personnel for those receiving care support at home.
  • The repetition of questions to patients/carers as each new carer comes to the home and the need for care plans to be properly shared and understood by the carers entering the home.
  • The need for clear explanation to carers and families of what Continuing Health Care (CHC) funded care is available and what Hospice@Home care services are available.
  • How concerns and complaints about care provided can be raised  and through what channels and contact points, and whether this has been thought of as part of the new model of care to support improving quality of care
  • The need to work with voluntary organisations and groups to share information with patients, carers and families on available services.
  • The impact and knock-on effect on the NW London area of Marie Curie hospice in Hampstead recent closing due to building infrastructure issues. .
  • The training provided by hospices/ CSPC providers to carers in NW London.

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