The NW London CSPC Steering Group

The purpose of the NW London CSPC Steering Group is to provide executive oversight and governance as we seek to deliver quality improvements to CSPC.

This includes providing strategic direction and decision-making, reviewing escalations and challenges from the Working Groups and determining where further escalation is needed.

Ensuring there is robust engagement with the user/clinical reference group of patients and clinicians, and ensuring that cross-cutting functions of finance, communications, and data are incorporated consistently across the Working Groups, including ensuring that data reporting requirements are provided to the ICS as required.

Who are the members of the NW London CSPC Steering Group?

Key palliative and end of life care stakeholders (generalist and specialist) including two patient and carer representatives:

  • NW London NHS community specialist palliative care (SPC) and NW London Hospice providers
  • Two patients and carer representatives
  • Clinical leads:
    • Last Phase of Life programme GP clinical lead
    • Acute hospital specialist palliative care clinical lead (consultant)
    • Acute hospital specialist palliative care nurse lead
    • Community Professional lead
  • NW London ICS Local Care Programme Team (four members)
  • NW London ICS Finance Lead
  • NW London ICS Communications Lead

We also invite additional topic or other programme related stakeholders when needed.


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