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  1. What is the current situation regarding Westbourne Grove Medical Centre?

Following the sad death of Dr Chin in May 2022, the GP contract that she held automatically came to an end as she was the sole partner to that contract.

NHS North West London has considered all relevant information including patient and stakeholder feedback, the size and demographic profile of the practice population, public health information, the availability and condition of the existing premises, and the number, capacity and quality of other local GP practices.

In light of this information, NHS North West London has taken the difficult decision to ask patients to register with another local practice.

We would like to reassure you this is a decision that we did not take lightly.  We recognise that on top of a feeling of loss of Dr Chin, who was a much loved and respected GP, you may also feel a sense of loss for the practice.

This means that the practice will close on 30 April 2023 and patients will need to register with an alternative local GP practice of your choice.

We recognise that this will be a difficult time for you to have to make this change but want to assure you that NHS North West London will give you whatever assistance it can to ensure that you are registered with a new GP before the end of April 2023.

2. Why is NHS North West asking patients to register with another existing local GP practice?

In making the decision to ask patients to re-register with another practice, NHS North West London has taken a number of things into consideration:

  • There is significant patient choice and access to alternative local GP practices in the immediate local area.  23 practices are within a one-mile radius with capacity and willingness to register additional patients. They have indicated that they can collectively register a total of 47,500 additional patients.
  • Local GP practices perform highly against a range of quality metrics including NHS England’s Quality and Outcomes Framework[i] and patient satisfaction with access to their GP practice as measured in the national GP patient survey.
  • The existing premises at 241 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SE do not conform to the Health Building Note Guidance[ii] which is detrimental to the delivery of primary care services. The premises are not suitable for long term additional investment and there were pre-existing plans to relocate the practice.
  • The viability of a procurement process may be jeopardised by the current end date for the existing lease. The lack of suitability of the existing premises may also put in doubt the success of a procurement for a new GP provider.

3. If I want to register at another practice, do I need to do this myself?

Yes, it is your choice which practice to register with.  We have provided a list of practices within 1 mile of Westbourne Grove Medical Centre that you may wish to register with. You should contact the surgery with which you would like to register directly and ask them to register you. 

The practice will need to check that you live within their catchment area[iii] and may ask for proof of address. They will ask you to complete a registration form giving details such as your name and address, date of birth.  Many practices will also accept online registrations. Please contact your practice of choice for guidance on how to do this and if you have any other questions.

4. What if a practice refuses to register me?

If you live within the catchment area of a GP practice and they have an open list they are contractually obliged to register you. All practices within a mile of Westbourne Grove Medical Centre have open lists.

If patients who live within a GP practice catchment area have any difficulties registering with that practice, please contact NHS North West London Primary Care Team at:

Telephone: 020 7150 8300 or  email:

5. How will I know if I live within a practice catchment1 area?

Please check the website of the practice you wish register with or contact them direct. 

6. Is there going to be support for vulnerable patients to register with alternative practice?

Yes - NHS North West London will work closely with Westbourne Grove Medical Centre to identify vulnerable patients registered with the practice. We will work closely with Westbourne Grove Medical Centre to ensure that vulnerable patients are supported to re-register with another practice. NHS North West London will continue to monitor the list of vulnerable patients to make sure that all vulnerable patients register with alternative practices.

7. Do I have to register with one of the practices on the list included with this letter and where can I find further information?

No – you can register with any practice if you are in their catchment area. You can find a surgery near you using the NHS website at  This site gives further information about practices and opening hours.  Additional information regarding practices is available at and

If you do not have access to the internet you can contact NHS North West London Primary Care Team at:

Telephone: 020 7150 8300 or  email:

8. Will there be any changes to the services offered to me at another practice?

All GP practices are required to provide the same essential services to patients, but some GP practices may provide a number of additional services. You should check the GP practice website to find out more about the full range of services they provide or speak to them direct.

9. What happens to my medical notes? Where do they go when the contract ends?

When you register with another practice, your notes will automatically transfer securely to the new practice.

10. What happens if I have not registered with another practice by the 30 April?

Patients still registered after 30 April 2023 will be automatically registered with another local GP practice.  Patients will be advised of their new GP practice, but are still able to change GP practice at any point.  We would advise you to register with another practice prior to 30 April 2023, so that you can register with the practice of your choice.

11. Where can I get more information?

Anyone seeking further assistance, including carers of vulnerable patients, or if you would like help on how to register, please contact NHS North West London Primary Care Team at:

Telephone: 020 7150 8300 or   8 email:

[i] The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for all GP practices in England, detailing practice achievement results. It is not about performance management but resourcing and rewarding good practice.

[ii] Health building notes give best practice guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and on the adaptation or extension of existing facilities.

[iii] Catchment Area – An area around each practice – you need to live within this area to register at that practice.

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