Pillar 2 - population health management building blocks

Pillar 2 - Population health management building blocks

This workstream looks at: building skills, knowledge and expertise across the system to successfully implement the locally developed methods to focus on reducing inequalities.

The workstream will:

  • Bring the NHS, local government, voluntary organisations and communities together to deliver healthcare earlier to groups of residents at greatest risk of poor health outcomes. 
  • Combine Information held by the NHS and local government to find out which residents are experiencing poor access to health and care, so health and care staff work together with those residents to develop and try out better places, better times, and better offers of care.
  • Challenge any discrimination in the way health and care services are delivered now and to improve equity of health access, experience, and outcome.
  • Make it easier and quicker for care to reach the people who need it most, so that fewer of those people are left to rely on emergency or reactive care.

Our population health management approach in North West London is delivered through the focus-on methodology and the population health management workstream builds capacity and capability across the system to successfully implement this approach.

We find areas of inequality using a range of data resources, co-producing solutions and tracking the impact of these.




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