North West London ICS Involvement Charter

The NW London Involvement Charter was suggested by a local resident as part of the process of developing this strategy. It has been iterated with over 150 local residents and was published for comment and shared with stakeholders and the public before being finalised.



You can be involved in key decisions that affect you The process for involving the public before decisions are taken and evidence that we have followed it
You will know how your views have shaped and influenced the decisions we have taken Evidence that views from the public have been taken into account in making decisions and shaping services
We will co-design services with local people, working with all the communities we serve Clear process for involving local communities in shaping our services, especially those most affected
We will provide you with information that is in plain language, timely, balanced , objective  and in different formats  when needed Information and material provided for the public
We will be transparent in everything that we do A clear and transparent decision-making process


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