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Useful information to develop NHS Active Travel programmes

This section is for NHS staff working on sustainability and net zero, travel and transport and health inequalities providing information on funding, local authorities initiatives, and support schemes for cycling for NHS staff.

Active Travel England is investing £32.9 million to create a national network of experts to work with communities, enhance high streets and make places truly walkable and available to cycle for everyone. Launched in January 2023, the fund aims to drive thousands of local plans, co-created with the communities who will use them.

This GOV.UK page has more information on government initiatives on cycling and walking, including cycling and walking investment, grant funding, research and infrastructure case studies. The government has produced a toolkit for local authorities which can provide useful information to the NHS as an anchor institution. Local authorities are well placed to plan and provide space for inclusive active travel infrastructure and accompanying behavioural change programmes. For Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) and combined authorities, doing so is part of their responsibilities on highways and road safety.

Peddle My Wheels is a social enterprise who have been part of the circular economy since 2014. They run various schemes with London councils, including a Try Before You Bike scheme which supports people when they start cycling and allows them to rent a bike first before buying it when they are ready. 

Peddle My Wheels also runs a number of social prescribing programs that are funded by local authorities and NHS groups.

The Town and Country Planning Association aims to provide useful content for local authorities, and other organisations who want to increase levels of investment in walking and cycling provision. The site includes a variety of information on walking and cycling as well as the latest sustainable travel news, evidence, policy and research.Produced in collaboration, the introductory guidance document on the 20-minute neighbourhood is for local planning authorities, and outlines a set of principles for success with case studies from across England. This will be relevant to NHS Travel Leads and the wider NHS as an anchor institution.



The following organisations can provide support for those developing and implementing their active travel strategy:


Mode shift

Living streets

Mode shift stars

Mobility ways

Sustainable travel

London Cycle Campaigns

Cycling UK


Information from our Trusts in North West London

Information from Trusts on cycling, walking and more

All our Trusts offer a cycle to work scheme, and many have bike sheds, facilities and repair workshops. Information about these schemes are available on individual Trust extranets or intranets (please note, access to these links are only available for Trust staff):

  • Central North West London Trust offers a cycle to work scheme - more information can be found on the following page
  • West London Trust offers information on their intranet about the cycle to work scheme, including for e-bikes, bike shed locations and safe commuting tips. More information about their cycle to work scheme can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Trust at
  • Central London Community Healthcare Trust offers a wealth of information on their intranet on active travel, including the opportunity to trial e-bikes, their cycle to work scheme, and guidance on safety for cyclists. They also have a Cycle Network and a user re-imbursement initiative which, if eligible, allows staff to claim £150 a year for the maintenance and expenses of their bike. Similarly, staff are eligible for a walker allowance worth £150 a year if they walk regularly for Trust business. Find out more here.
  • London North West Healthcare Trust offers a cycle to work scheme and secure bike storage facilities at Northwick Park Hospital, Ealing Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital. There is also a Bicycle User Group who meet regularly to discuss routes, facilities as well as organising repair workshops. There are shower facilities at all of their hospital sites, and those at Ealing and Northwick Park are in the process of being improved. More information about the cycle to work scheme can be found here.
  • The Hillingdon Hospitals Trust offers a cycle to work scheme, including e-bikes, that includes onsite secure bike storage for staff with lockers and changing/dry rooms, unsecure bike storage (for staff and public), and free bike pumps at Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospitals. There is also a Bicycle User Group that organise regular bike events such as Dr. Bike, Smoothie bike, and webinars on bike safety and bike maintenance. More information can be found on their website and intranet.



Looking for an exciting challenge or an innovative New Year’s resolution? Why not join the NHS1000 miles challenge and commit to walk, run, swim or cycle 1,000 miles during 2023?

The NHS’s 75th birthday will take place on 5 July 2023 and people across the country are being asked to join the NHS1000 mile challenge to mark the occasion.

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