Community insight reports

Monthly community insight reports

Monthly community insight reports setting out what our communities across North West London are telling us. The intention is that the reports will develop in the months ahead to include insights from other organisations such as Healthwatch, the voluntary sector local authorities and NHS provider trusts. These initial reports focus on insights gathered by NHS North West London engagement teams in each borough, often working with colleagues from local authorities.

The insight reports reflect our emerging involvement strategy, including our commitment to community outreach. The strategic approach and targeting is agreed at borough level, in line with the NW London involvement strategy.

You can find the monthly community insight reports below.

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Community insight annual report

This report provides a comprehensive summary of community engagement activities and insights gathered throughout 2023 across various sectors of North West London, with a focus on health and social care. Key topics include:

  • Community engagement structures: describes the engagement framework used, detailing how borough-based teams are organised into clusters to specifically address local healthcare challenges through diverse engagement channels such as events, webinars, and clinics.
  • Key healthcare themes: highlights the main health concerns reported by residents, such as access to GP services, mental health resources, and communication barriers, underscoring the persistent challenges in healthcare accessibility and service delivery.
  • Strategic recommendations: offers recommendations based on the collected insights, aiming to improve healthcare services by enhancing communication, addressing service gaps, and developing a more inclusive healthcare environment.
  • Future directions: outlines next steps for continuing the enhancement of engagement and data analysis methods to better capture and respond to community needs, emphasising a strategic, data-driven approach to community healthcare planning care.

    Read the full report here.

Themed insight reports

These papers focus on particular areas, including last year's winter campaign, primary care access, as well as barriers to cancer screening. They contain analysis of resident feedback and explore wider trends in detail.

This paper analyses community feedback from the barriers to cancer screening programme. It covers feedback from May to July 2023 and discusses the following key points:

  •  lack of awareness, cultural and language differences, physical discomfort, logistical issues and social misconceptions, which deter participation among some communities.

The community-based insights pinpoint specific challenges and misconceptions that hinder screening uptake.

Read the full report here. 
Open the presentation here.

The paper describes outreach with grassroots community organisations to enhance discussions around flu and COVID-19 vaccinations and how to access healthcare services.

  • It covers the methodology of engaging diverse community groups through various formats to understand perceptions, concerns, and barriers to vaccine uptake, aiming to encourage participation among underrepresented groups.
  • The paper identifies primary themes of vaccine hesitancy, including trust, cultural and linguistic barriers, which effect the community's views on vaccinations.

    Read the report here.

The paper covers feedback and insights from January 2023 to February 2024. The main themes are:

  • Access to primary care and mental health crisis services leading to an increased reliance on A&E services.
  • Communication and digital gaps: The paper identifies major communication barriers and a digital divide, which are exacerbating the misuse of emergency services, particularly affecting non-English speakers and older adults.

    Read the full report here.

The paper emphasises the need for better GP and primary care access. Feedback and insight was gathered from January 2023 to February 2024.

The paper highlights barriers to services, including: continuity in provision, challenges with digital integration, appointment booking and communication.

Read the full report.

The NHS NW London NEPTS survey, conducted from December 2023 to February 2024, aimed to understand patient experiences. Key findings revealed that many were unclear about eligibility criteria, with mixed experiences in accessing services—most using telephone bookings. Feedback on transport quality varied, with praise for Healthcare & transport services (HATS) and criticism of Falcke.

Alternative transport options were often unsuitable for specific needs, and there was low awareness of financial assistance schemes. Overall, the survey highlighted a need for improved communication, staff training, and better support tailored to patient needs.

Read the full report.



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