The NHS in North West London have produced information for GPs and primary care professionals to support their management of unwell children. This Advice and Guidance directory provides information on local paediatrician advice lines that are designed to enable clinical discussion between all primary care professionals and a local on-call Paediatrician. These advice lines will enable quality out-of-hospital care through sharing of specialist knowledge where clinically safe children can be cared for within the community.

Support for children, young people and their families

The NHS has produced the above range of leaflets and guidance for parents, carers and people who work with children and young people on Covid-19 and how to access local emergency services at this time.  GP and health professionals should use them in their clinical discussions with parents and carers, children and young people and share them through neighbourhood Whats App groups and other social media.

We understand that children, young people and families are currently feeling very anxious during these unprecedented times. We hope these resources will help parents identify when an illness is minor, and when it is serious. Please see links below and share with parents through text messaging and local social media.


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