Digital tools

There are a number of digital projects available in NW London which make accessing health services easier for patients.

Below you can find useful information on some of the digital projects currently available in NW London. Click on the green bars to view the answers to the questions.

Gro Health is an evidence-based behaviour change platform that addresses the four key pillars of health:

  • Nutrition: your health starts with what you eat. Choose a certified personalised nutrition program and find resources and meal plans personalised to disease, budget, dietary preferences, and cultural and social norms.
  • Sleep: education to support healthy sleep routines and in-app guided sleep meditations, music to sleep to and bedtime stories to aid sleep.
  • Activity: browse personal trainer led guided exercises personalised to fitness, covering strength and mobility training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardiovascular training.
  • Mental wellbeing: education and resources to optimise mental resilience supported by mindfulness meditations, guided yoga, and 360° augmented reality visualisation exercises.

For a short period of time, Gro Health is currently being piloted with patients across NW London. If you work in a NW London general practice and would like to be involved in this pilot, please email

A Digital Access Hub is where Primary Care Networks and/or GP Federations work digitally or virtually, together on online consultations. These Hubs allow general practices to share resources to manage medical and administrative demands on behalf of a number of practices. Read the Digital First Digital Access Hub strategy for a closer look into this collaborative way of working.

Accessibility tools

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