Community pharmacists are experts in medicines and can offer a more convenient, quicker way to obtain clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for a range of minor health concerns such as:

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Coughs, colds and flu
  • Bugs and viruses
  • Minor injuries
  • Tummy troubles
  • Women's health
  • Skin conditions
  • Allergies
  • Aches and pains
  • Children's problems

If symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, pharmacists have the right clinical training to make sure you get the help you need immediately and can refer patients to a GP or A&E where necessary. 

Many pharmacies are open until late and at weekends. You don’t need an appointment – you just walk in.

Most pharmacies have a private consultation room where you can discuss issues with staff without being overheard.

You can learn more about how community pharmacies can help you in these videos, introduced by community champions. We thank Kensington and Chelsea community champions for producing these.

Repeat prescriptions

If you’re regularly prescribed the same medicine you can collect your repeat prescription directly from your pharmacy, you can chose which pharmacy you would prefer to collect from and it means fewer trips to the GP!

Blood pressure checks

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is one of the most important factors in reducing your risk of heart and circulatory diseases like heart attack or stroke, or kidney failure or diabetes complications. High blood pressure often has no symptoms, so you need to check using a blood pressure monitor to find out. 

Everyone over 40 should have their blood pressure checked at least once every five years, or annually if you have certain health conditions such as diabetes. If it has been more than five years, contact your GP or visit a community pharmacy that offers this service.

Find a community pharmacy offering blood pressure checks: 

Pharmacy Address Postcode
LloydsPharmacy 360 Ealing Road HA0 1PF
CK Pharmacy 820 Harrow Road HA0 3EL
Shivakem Pharmacy 12a Court Parade HA0 3HU
G Lowe Chemist 203 East Lane HA0 3NG
Alperton Jade Pharmacy 282 Ealing Road HA0 4LL
Wembley Pharmacy 183 Ealing Road HA0 4LW
Jade Pharmacy 204 Ealing Road HA0 4QG
RJ's Pharmacy 210 Ealing Road HA0 4QG
Crystal Pharmacy Wembley Centre for Health HA0 4UZ
LloydsPharmacy 1 Nash Way HA3 0JA
Andres Pharmacy 261 Preston Road HA3 0PS
Tyerest Ltd Gooseacre Parade HA3 0XY
Rasons Pharmacy 323 Harrow Road HA9 6BA
S&S Chemists 40 Harrow Road HA9 6PG
Peace Pharmacy 14 The Broadway HA9 8JU
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Great Central Way NW10 0TL
Clockwork Pharmacy Ltd 283 Neasden Lane NW10 1QJ
Coopers Chemist 144-150 High Road NW10 2PB
Nischem Pharmacy 138 High Road NW10 2PJ
Spivack Chemist 91 High Road NW10 2TA
Dollmeads Dispensing Chemist 53 Chamberlayne Road NW10 3ND
Chana Chemist Willesden Centre for H&C NW10 3RY
Angie's Pharmacy 96 Craven Park Road NW10 4AG
Chana Chemist 96-98 High Street NW10 4SL
S&S Chemists 23 Hillside NW10 8LY
Dubison Ltd 168 Church Road NW10 9NH
Gimmack W N Chemist 177 The Broadway NW2 3HT
Newcare Pharmacy 16/18 Station Parade NW2 4NH
W N Gimmack 10 Station Parade NW2 4NH
Craig Thomson Pharmacy 70-72 Walm Lane NW2 4RA
Richards & Curtis 6 Sidmouth Parade NW2 5HG
Queens Park Pharmacy 67 Salusbury Road NW6 6NJ
Hyperchem Pharmacy 34 Salusbury Road NW6 6NL
Day Lewis Pharmacy 271-273 Kilburn High Road NW6 7JR
Kings Pharmacy 343 Kilburn High Road NW6 7QB
Bliss Chemist 50-56 Willesden Lane NW6 7SX
Asda Pharmacy Edgware Road NW9 0AS
Well 175 Church Lane NW9 8JS
Leigh Pharmacy 278 Church Lane NW9 8LU
Judds Chemists Ltd Unit 1 NW9 9AD
Boots 483-485 Kingsbury Road NW9 9ED
Jade Pharmacy 533 Kingsbury Road NW9 9EG
Unp Pharmacy 552 Kingsbury Road NW9 9HH

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Asda Pharmacy Park Royal Industrial Estate NW10 7LW
Queens Pharmacy 61 The Broadway UB1 1JY
Chana Chemist 52 South Road UB1 1RQ
Sherrys Chemist 48 South Road UB1 1RR
Chana Chemist 251 Allenby Road UB1 2HB
Shah Pharmacy 13 North Parade UB1 2LF
H.J.Dixon Chemist 185 Lady Margaret Road UB1 2PT
Lady Margaret Road Pharmacy 223 Lady Margaret Road UB1 2PT
Chana Chemist Unit 3, 33 High Street UB1 3HA
Cheema Pharmacy 57 King Street UB2 4DQ
Puri Chemists 39 Western Road UB2 5HE
Jade Pharmacy 3 Crosslands Parade UB2 5RB
Boots 47a-47b Oldfield Circus UB5 4RR
M.Gokani Chemist 32 Church Road UB5 5AB
Alpha Chemist 480 Church Road UB5 5AU
Touchwood Pharmacy 493-495 Yeading Lane UB5 6LN
Northolt Pharmacy Grand Union Health Centre UB5 6WL
Elite Pharmacy 107 Icg House UB6 0AL
Bright Health Pharmacy 1318 Greenford Road UB6 0HL
Boots Unit 11 Westway Cross Retail Park UB6 0UW
Watmans Pharmacy 179 Bilton Road UB6 7HQ
Pprx Ltd Room 112 Bizspace UB6 7JJ
Tesco Instore Pharmacy The Hoover Building UB6 8DW
Medway Pharmacy 18 Medway Parade UB6 8HR
Parade Pharmacy 386 Oldfield Lane North UB6 8PU
Kings Pharmacy 50 Greenford Road UB6 9AT
Roxannes Dispensing Chemists 51 The Broadway UB6 9PN
Ravenor Pharmacy 70 The Broadway UB6 9QA
Chief Cornerstone Ltd 4 Eastmead Avenue UB6 9RA
Terry's Pharmacy 4-5 Castle Hill Parade W13 8JP
Grosvenor House Pharmacy 147 The Broadway W13 9BE
Superdrug Pharmacy 85-87 The Broadway W13 9BP
Mattock Lane Chemist 8 St Johns Parade W13 9LL
Northfield Pharmacy 30 Northfield Avenue W13 9RL
Jallas Pharmacy 311-313 Horn Lane W3 0BU
Wellcare Group Limited 155 High Street W3 6LP
Marcus Jones Pharmacy 96 Old Oak Common Lane W3 7DA
Banks Chemist 59 Old Oak Common Lane W3 7DD
Walker Chemists 6 The Broadway W3 8HR
Cross Chemist 5 Royal Parade W5 1ET
Ealing Pharmacy 157 Pitshanger Lane W5 1RH
Lewis Pharmacy 36 Haven Green W5 2NX
Harbs Pharmacy 193 South Ealing Road W5 4RH
Bramley Pharmacy 261 Northfield Avenue W5 4UA
Superdrug Pharmacy 18-19 Ealing B'Dway Centre W5 5JY
Touchwood Pharmacy Hanwell Health Centre W7 1DR
Well 333 Greenford Avenue W7 1JH
Remedy Pharmacy 83 Greenford Avenue W7 1LJ
Greenford Chemist 340 Greenford Avenue W7 3DA

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Oza Chemist 9 Fulham Broadway SW6 1AA
Myhealth Pharmacy 392-402 North End Road SW6 1LU
Superdrug Pharmacy 317 North End Road SW6 1NN
Fulham Pharmacy 608 Fulham Road SW6 5RP
Avni Limited 11 Westway W12 0PT
Hamlins Chemist 73 Bloemfontein Road W12 7DA
Boots Unit 1225 Westfield Shopping Centre W12 7HT
Greenlight Pharmacy 228 Uxbridge Road W12 7JD
Bush Pharmacy 334 Uxbridge Road W12 7LL
Lime Grove Pharmacy 66 Goldhawk Road W12 8HA
Superdrug Pharmacy 92-94 Uxbridge Road W12 8LR
Caregrange Pharmacy 9 Goldhawk Road W12 8QQ
Winwood Chemist 96 Askew Road W12 9BL
Jhoots Pharmacy Richford Gate Health Centre W6 7HY
Tesco Instore Pharmacy 180 Shepherds Bush Road W6 7NL
Superdrug Pharmacy 65-69 King Street W6 9HW

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Boots Units 9-10 St.Anns Centre HA1 1AS
Keencare Pharmacy 18 College Road HA1 1BE
Superdrug Pharmacy 297-301 Station Road HA1 2TA
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Station Road HA1 2TU
Wellcare Pharmacy 157-159 Greenford Road HA1 3QN
Curapharm Chemist 154 Greenford Road HA1 3QS
Sudbury Court Pharmacy 221 Watford Road HA1 3UA
Garners Chemist 160 Pinner Road HA1 4JJ
Shaftesbury Pharmacy 6 Shaftesbury Parade HA2 0AJ
Avviro Pharmacy Office 108 Pentax House HA2 0DU
Saville Chemist 61 Station Road HA2 7SR
Stratwicks Ltd 240 Northolt Road HA2 8DU
PM Williams Pharmacy 5 Station Parade HA2 8HB
Kings Pharmacy 336 Eastcote Lane HA2 9AJ
Alexandra Pharmacy 190 Alexandra Avenue HA2 9BN
Nowells Pharmacy 10 Weald Lane HA3 5ES
Wellcare Pharmacy 385 High Road HA3 6EL
Boots 66-72 High Street HA3 7AF
Murrays Chemist 172 Kenton Road HA3 8BL
K.L. Pharmacy 229 Kenton Lane HA3 8RP
Belmont Pharmacy 4-5 Station Parade HA3 8SB
Almeric Pharmacy Ltd 189 Streatfield Road HA3 9DA
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Ash Hall Drive HA5 2AG
Carters Pharmacy 41 Salisbury Road HA5 2NJ
Boots 37 Bridge Street HA5 3HR
Tannas Chemist 320 Uxbridge Road HA5 4HR
Village Pharmacy 270-272 Uxbridge Road HA5 4HS
Health Pharmacy 390/392 Rayners Lane HA5 5DY
Healthways Chemist 382 Rayners Lane HA5 5DY
Angies Chemist 3 High Street HA5 5PJ
Kings Pharmacy 903 Honeypot Lane HA7 1AR
Collins Pharmacy 8-9 Queensbury Circle Pde HA7 1EY
Sharmans Pharmacy 32 Church Road HA7 4AL
LloydsPharmacy J Sainsbury's Store HA7 4DA
Care Chemists 5 Buckingham Parade HA7 4EB
Fairview Pharmacy 293-5 Burnt Oak Broadway HA8 5ED
Osbon Pharmacy 39 South Parade HA8 5QL
Medicare Dispensing Chemist 10 Handel Parade HA8 6LD
Canons Pharmacy 11 Station Parade HA8 6RW

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Dana Pharmacy 100 Victoria Road HA4 0AL
LloydsPharmacy Sainsbury's Store HA4 0HQ
Boots 716 Field End Road HA4 0QP
Boots Wood Lane Medical Centre HA4 6ER
Boots 67 High Street HA4 8JB
Boots 212 Whitby Road HA4 9DY
Eastcote Pharmacy 111 Field End Road HA5 1QG
Superdrug Pharmacy 143 Field End Road HA5 1QL
Boots 171 Field End Road HA5 1QR
Carter Chemist 114 High Street HA6 1BJ
Boots 32 Joel Street HA6 1PF
Ross Pharmacy 28 Joel Street HA6 1PF
Sharman's Chemist 3 Clive Parade HA6 2QF
Lawtons Pharmacy 8-9 Crescent Parade UB10 0LG
Garners Ickenham 1 Swakeleys UB10 8DF
Puri Pharmacy 165 Ryefield Avenue UB10 9DA
Hillingdon Pharmacy 4 Sutton Court Road UB10 9HP
Boots 380 Long Lane UB10 9PG
Medics Pharmacy 11 Dawley Road UB3 1LS
Vantage Pharmacy 1 Park Parade UB3 2NU
Pickups Chemist 20-21 Broadway Parade UB3 3HF
Superdrug Pharmacy 2-8 Station Road UB3 4DA
Boots 28-30 Station Road UB3 4DD
Kasmani Pharmacy 6 Northfield Parade UB3 4JA
The Village Pharmacy 218 High Street UB3 5DS
Grosvenor Pharmacy 788 Uxbridge Road UB4 0RS
Daya Ltd 750 Uxbridge Road UB4 0RU
H.A. Mcparland 522 Uxbridge Road UB4 0SA
Vantage Pharmacy 252 Kingshill Avenue UB4 8BZ
Hayes End Pharmacy 1266 Uxbridge Road UB4 8JF
Boots 236 Yeading Lane UB4 9AX
Yiewsley Pharmacy 28 High Street UB7 7DP
Phillips Pharmacy 84 High Street UB7 7DS
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Off Yiewsley High Street UB7 7FP
Orchard Pharmacy 6 Laurel Lane UB7 7TU
Carewell Chemist 10 Mulberry Parade UB7 9AE
Boots 128 The Chimes UB8 1GA
Boots 163 High Street UB8 1JZ
Flora Fountain Ltd 283 High Street UB8 1LQ
Mango Pharmacy 3 The Parade UB8 2EP
H.A. Mcparland 118-120 Cowley Road UB8 2LX
Harefield Pharmacy 12e High Street UB9 6BU
Malthouse Pharmacy The Malthouse UB9 6NF

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Tesco Instore Pharmacy 102-108 High Street TW13 4EX
Feltham Pharmacy 186-188 Uxbridge Road TW13 5DY
Boots 107 Bear Road TW13 6SA
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Dukes Green Avenue TW14 0LT
Boots 193-199 High Street TW3 1BL
Maswell Park Pharmacy 6 Central Avenue TW3 2QH
Boots 302 Bath Road TW4 7DN
Shah Pharmacy 382 Bath Road TW4 7HT
Hobbs Pharmacy Meadows Centre for Health TW4 7NR
Bhogal Pharmacy 48 Vicarage Farm Road TW5 0AB
Jade Pharmacy 317-319 Vicarage Farm Rd TW5 0DR
Jade Pharmacy 174-176 Heston Road TW5 0QU
Medico Pharmacy 2 Parklands Parade TW5 9AX
Dunn Chemists 740 Bath Road TW5 9TY
Boots Terminal Three Landside TW6 1QG
Jade Pharmacy (Isleworth) 570 London Road TW7 4EP
A.C. Curd Pharmacy 55 South Street TW7 7AA
Riverside Pharmacy 1 Shrewsbury Walk TW7 7DE
Tesco Instore Pharmacy Mogden Lane TW7 7JY
B.A.Williams Chemist 15 Albany Parade TW8 0JW
Churchills Pharmacy 202 Chiswick High Road W4 1PD
West London Pharmacy 154 Chiswick High Road W4 1PR
Boots 332 Chiswick High Road W4 5TA
Sabel Pharmacy Ltd 446 Chiswick High Road W4 5TT
Tigris Pharmacy 38 Lampton Road TW3 1JH

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Medicine Chest 413-415 Kings Road SW10 0LR
Jhoots Pharmacy 513 Kings Road SW10 0TX
Boots 228-232 Fulham Road SW10 9NB
Boots 145-149 Brompton Road SW3 1QP
Boots 148-150 Kings Road SW3 4UT
I.T. Lloyd 255 Kings Road SW3 5EL
Earls Court Chemist 240 Earls Court Road SW5 9AA
Harley's Pharmacy 35-37 Old Brompton Road SW7 3HZ
Boots Units 30-31 Gloucester Arcade SW7 4SF
Chana Chemist 114 Ladbroke Grove W10 5NE
Dillons Pharmacy 24 Golborne Road W10 5PF
Golborne Pharmacy 106 Golborne Road W10 5PS
Spivack Chemist 173 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ
Bramley Pharmacy 132 Bramley Road W10 6TJ
Notting Hill Pharmacy 12 Pembridge Road W11 3HL
Boots 96-98 Notting Hill Gate W11 3QA
Hillcrest Pharmacy 104-106 Holland Park Ave W11 4UA
Boots 127a Kensington High Street W8 5SF
Kensington Pharmacy 4 Stratford Road W8 6QD

Pharmacy Address Postcode
Hodgetts Pharmacy 79 Abbey Road NW8 0AE
Woods Chemist 27-29 Church Street NW8 8ES
Market Chemists 85 Church Street NW8 8EU
Collins Chemist 113-115 Church Street NW8 8HA
Boots 5 Cathedral Walk SW1E 5JH
Star Pharmacy 33 Strutton Ground SW1P 2HY
Victoria Pharmacy 22 Page Street SW1P 4EN
Gees Chemist 27-29 Warwick Way SW1V 1QT
Cotswolds Prescriptions Limited 42-44 Warwick Way SW1V 1RY
Warwick Pharmacy 34-36 Warwick Way SW1V 1RY
Clinichem Pharmacy 29 Upper Tachbrook Street SW1V 1SN
Simmonds Chemist 105 Lupus Street SW1V 3EN
Keencare Ltd 6 Lower Belgrave Street SW1W 0LJ
Greens Pharmacy 29-31 Ebury Bridge Road SW1W 8QX
Boots Unit 6 SW1W 9SJ
Boots 302-306 Regent Street W1B 3AS
Boots 44-46 Regent Street W1B 5RA
Boots 355-361 Oxford Stree W1C 2JL
Boots 193 Oxford Street W1D 2JY
Wigmore Pharmacy 23 Wigmore Street W1U 1PL
John Bell & Croydon 50-54 Wigmore Street W1U 2AU
Boots 96-98 Baker Street W1U 6TJ
Chel Pharmacy 173 Great Portland Street W1W 5PH
Boots Unit 57 Platform 1 W2 1BA
Apek Pharmacy 107 Praed Street W2 1NT
Curie Chemist 445 Edgeware Road W2 1TH
Nashi Pharmacy 55 Westbourne Grove W2 4UA
Bayswater Pharmacy 39-41 Porchester Road W2 5DP
Boots 114 Queensway W2 6LS
Williams Chemist 314-316 Elgin Avenue W9 1JU
Vineyard Pharmacy 241 Elgin Avenue W9 1NJ
Boots 107-115 Long Acre WC2E 9NT
Superdrug Pharmacy 49-50 The Strand WC2N 5LH
Boots 105-109 The Strand WC2R 0AA
Boots 426-427 Strand WC2R 0QE

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