Addressing structural racism

This workstream looks at: highlighting and addressing the issues that different ethnicities face. This  includes hearing from our communities and staff groups and facilitating change. This work is governed through the race equality steering group.

Structural racism describes systemic and institutionalised disparities that disproportionately affect marginalized communities, which we see in the health outcome data in NW London. 

A key barrier to reducing inequalities is a high level of mistrust of public services within communities and amongst particular ethnicities, driven by structural racism.

The race steering group provides the ICS with a strategic platform to put the structural racism conversation and priority setting at the forefront of decision making.

This workstream will:

  • Work to understand ethnic differences in prevalence  of disease, access, experience and outcomes of services.
  • Identify key recommendations to address current barriers and lead on facilitating the change when required.
  • Ensure that the system has plans in place that are impactful in reducing disparities in health outcomes between groups, with a key priority area being cancer.

NW London Integrated Care System (ICS) Race Equality Steering Group (RESG)

The NW London Integrated Care System (ICS) Race Equality Steering Group (RESG) was established in July 2022 to provide a strategic platform in bringing the structural racism conversation to the forefront of decision making in regard to service provision and health outcomes. Find out more.


NHS NW London Caribbean Health and Wellbeing Event 21 October 2023

On Saturday 21 October 2023 over 300 people from across North West London attended Wembley Stadium for the Health and Wellbeing event to improve black health outcomes.  

The design of the event was in response to the significant disparities in health outcomes and the wider determinants of health such as employment, housing and poverty amongst that are more prevalent in black communities.  

The event at Wembley Stadium wellbeing is part of a series of outreach events to improve health outcomes by taking on board the wider determinants of health for black communities from across NW London with input from all eight boroughs. Each event will be different but will be designed around health promotion and building trust with the communities.

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