Hammersmith and Fulham Community Based Specialist Palliative Care Local Engagement event 04 December 2023

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended the event.  Your thoughts and feedback will be used as evidence as we move forward to develop the future model of care.

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Jane Wheeler (JW), Director of Local Care, NHS North West London (NW London) gave an introduction and presentation covering the development of the new model of care, the potential options for its delivery, and the decision making process.

Key points raised by attendees

  • The number of hospice in-patient beds in Hammersmith and Fulham vs. the number of these beds in NW London as a whole.
  • How the bed calculations were made and whether there would be additional beds for NW London if the Pembridge in-patient unit reopened?
  • The access that Hammersmith and Fulham has to hospice beds currently vs under the new model of care.
  • Whether access to new model of care’s proposed enhanced end-of-life care beds will reduce access to hospice in-patient beds.
  • How residents and providers will know about the new services and changes proposed and eventually implemented through the new model of care (i.e. planned communication channels to inform people).
  • Whether the proposed new model of care may leave charitable hospices over-burdened.
  • The comparable cost of hospice in-patient beds when run by the charitable sector vs NHS providers
  • Whether the in-patient bed calculations take into account the necessary (NHS) funding of in-patient beds provided by charitable hospices.
  • Whether the re-opening of Pembridge in-patient unit would provide a larger number of overall beds for NW London.
  • What different services should or could be doing to move things forward with delivering the proposed model of care.
  • How we can build-up care co-ordination on the ground between different services. 

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