Hammersmith and Fulham Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Accountability Committee (HASPAC) 19 July 2023

Hammersmith and Fulham Health and Care Partnership, NHS North West London and Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust attended the Hammersmith & Fulham Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Accountability Committee 19 July 2023 to provide a briefing on the North West London community-based specialist palliative care programme and answer questions from committee members.

View the committe papers and recording of the webinar

  • Feedback that the briefing paper was good and changes proposed were positive and welcomed and that a lot of work had been done since previous attendance. 
  • Making sure care was personalised was raised as important 
  • Members of Hammersmith & Fulham Save our NHS who were in attendance raised a number of concerns including: 
    • No mention of Pembridge 
    • In the proposed model of care that the community specialist palliative care team would only be open 8am to 8pm rather than 24-hour.  We confirmed 24/7 support would be provided by the 24/7 -hour specialist palliative care advice lines that each hospice has operating, alongside community services (district nursing, rapid response ) and NHS111/ OOH GP provision  
    • Concern that the model was not innovative and no new services 
    • Concern that enhanced end-of-life care beds were sub optimal option to a hospice bed and wanted further assurance that it would meet people’s needs, also wanted an idea of where these beds would be/ which care homes and hoped to see that in the MOC engagement document. We explained that we are not at the “how” phase yet and this information on configuration and location would be part of the options development phase.
  • Cultural sensitivity improvement to services - group want to see more details about what this means as part of the model.  
  • Concern that the proposed engagement timeline was over the over August/ Summer – requested engagement on the model of care document to be extended until end of September 2023.


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