Equalities Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) on the proposed new model of care

The Equalities Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) report explores the potential impact that NW London’s proposed new model of care for adult (18+) community-based specialist palliative care services will have on health inequalities and the well-being of different population groups in NW London.

This report is intended for a broad audience, encompassing healthcare professionals, stakeholders and advocates for palliative care, and the communities and individuals that this new model of care aims to serve.

The report provides an overview of the NW London health inequalities landscape and explores the EHIA process for the nine protected characteristics, and other vulnerable groups that we have identified as key during our engagement, to provide a summary of equity impact.

Our goal is to make sure that this new model of care and way of providing care is fair and equal for everyone, giving help and support without any bias.

The EHIA on the proposed new model of care can be viewed here

A further EHIA will be carried out on the proposed short-listed options. 

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