In collaboration with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT), UKCloud and Bluemetrix, Whole systems integrated care (WSIC) team have set up a high performance, cloud-based, informatics solution that will allow WSIC users access to data with enhanced tooling, compute power and security. This system will, for the first time, provide the ability to manage access control to specific data resources allowing full audit of every action that staff take when using WSIC de-identified data, with audit data accessible in real-time. UKCloud provide the cloud infrastructure as a service, Bluemetrix manage software and core Hadoop setting and WSIC staff manage the data and access controls within the platform.

The high performance informatics solution was developed to support:

  • Clinical analytics and service evaluation within the integrated care system to provide direct care benefits by supporting agile informatics for quality improvement flow programmes and enable analysis on linked data covering patient pathways.
  • Approved access to anonymised data for researchers and external analysts, enhancing our ability to learn from and improve the way care is delivered in the future.‚Äč

It was realised that with additional support, software and hardware developments the ICHT platform could, in partnership with Whole Systems Integrated Care, provide a sector-wide solution to allow fast processing of data, including new data feeds, to help to understand COVID 19 and North West London’s clinical, operational and research needs.

UKCloud, Bluemetrix, WSIC and ICHT have rapidly worked together to enhance and improve the high-performance environment to enable the provision of both:

  • A direct care COVID 19 data analytics platform that links huge volumes of data from WSIC in near real-time and increasing data flows from other providers to enable a complete picture of COVID19 related healthcare for provision to the sectors gold command, healthcare providers and healthcare staff on the front line. 
  • A research platform where de-identified data access can be provided securely and safely to approved researchers to analyse data related to the disease helping us understand and improve the healthcare response to the pandemic in both Northwest London and nationally through the work carried out in the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC)

In response to COVID-19, Whole systems integrated care (WSIC) team have secured additional data feeds as listed below

  • Monthly NWL Population data
  • Daily Trust patient level sitrep data
  • Thrice daily pathology data feed
  • Fortnightly CMC data extract
  • Weekly Shielded Patient List
  • Daily Testing Data (Pillar 1, 2 and 4)

All of the above has been integrated with the existing rich integrated care data/linked dataset to provide a rich data source for analytics.

The Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) Team are now receiving new data sources into WSIC to support COVID-19 analysis. WSIC have developed suite of COVID-19 Dashboards, users will not require login details to access this information but will need to be on a secure HSCN / N3 network.

COVID-19 Dashboards:

1. CO at Home

2. COVID-19 Population Health:

  • Hospital Demand Overview by CCG
  • Hospital Demand KPI's
  • Hospital Demand Demographics
  • Hospital Demand Pathology Results
  • Hospital Demand Provider Breakdown
  • Mortality Rate COVID-19 Hospital Patients
  • Hospital Patients Pathways
  • All NWL Confirmed, Suspected and Negative Results
  • All NWL COVID-19 Patient Demographics

3. New COVID-19 Admissions

4. COVID Vaccination Dashboard

5. Early Warning Dashboard


Click here to access our new COVID-19 Population Health Dashboards.

To view some of our COVID-19 Dashboards, click here

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