Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidneys disease (CKD) happens when the kidneys do not work as well as they should, and it can gradually get worse with time (month or years). Most people feel well and have no symptoms. Symptoms only start to show when the kidney function is very poor.

Adequate treatment can prevent or delay the progression of CKD, reduce the cardiovascular risk that comes with having CKD and prevent or delay complications that comes with having CKD. In this page you can register to a patient education session and access information such as videos (available in different languages) booklets and leaflets.

Upcoming Dates

If you have been diagnosed with CKD, we would like to invite you to attend the online KNOW YOUR KIDNEYS patient education session. This is an interactive patient group session and will give you an opportunity to learn more about chronic kidney disease and meet members of the kidney team.

The session will help and support you to manage and live with chronic kidney disease. We will cover the following topics: CKD diagnosis, treatments, lifestyle changes and patient involvement. There will be reserved time for discussion.

To take the most of the session please watch the three videos, and note any questions you may want to ask during the know your kidneys session

We use the technology Microsoft Teams to run the session. You can join from the comfort of your own home, and family members can join too.

To join you should select a date and click on the link to register. You will need your name, nhs number and email address. Once you complete the registration you will receive an email from MS TEAMS confirming the booking with the link to join the session on the day. If you have any questions before the session, including accessibility needs, please email Joana Teles, kidney nurse specialist Please note that any individual clinical questions must be discussed with your doctor/nurse and should not be discussed using this email address.

To watch the videos with subtitles in a different language please select the setting button and chose subtitles from the options available (currently Polish and Gujarati).

Resource Download link
Patient leaflet: CKD diagnosis information click here
Patient leaflet: urine ACR testing click here
Patient booklet: CKD health check click here

If English is not your first language, visit the Kidney Care UK website you can click on the accessibility button (left bottom corner of the screen), select your language and all content will be translated.

If you would like to speak to another patient who has chronic kidney disease, please contact the National Kidney Federation help line 0800 169 09 36 to access peer support.   




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